Candidly Cole by Nicole

Candidly Cole is a newsletter designed to foster authenticity through self-exploration, introspection, and development. I have a publication on Medium called Candour that examines various topics from the lens of unadulterated honesty.

This newsletter, however, will focus on the self, existence and living an authentic life whatever that might look like to you. I hope this will become an engaging and interactive experience for you and me. I will overshare stories from my life and the lessons I have learned from my experiences. You will get my unfiltered thoughts on various themes in our reality.

The purpose of this newsletter is to help you on your journey of self-excavation towards self-mastery. We often live our lives in a humdrum fashion where routine gets in the way of us really delving into what happens to us and why. I hope that my stories can help you work through your own.

To be human is to be an unfinished work but the key to a fulfilling life is to do the work necessary to come into your true self.

Though, the work never ends it doesn’t have to be exhaustive. It can be a worthwhile experience of discovery and growth. I will be doing this with you.

I’m well aware of my imperfect humanness but doing the work is how I manage to not wallow in existential dread.

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Each week I will choose a day to most on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. The theme will follow depend on the day I am posting. You can read more about them below. Initially, this newsletter came out 3 times a week but that was not sustainable. I am not choosing which day (while following the theme) to post FREE content per week.

Meditative Mondays

On this day the focus will be on a thought-provoking piece that sparks introspection with an including centering thought, mantra, and journal prompt. Meditation tips will be included when they are applicable.

Meditation doesn’t always have to be structured with clearing the mind, sitting in a lotus position while focusing your breathing. While this is excellent for your well being and peace of mind, when I say meditative, I mean focused thinking on an idea, affirmation or mantra.

Why? Wednesdays

I love Philosophy as an academic discipline and as a tool for pondering the meaning of life, existence and the self. On Why? Wednesday we will examine some of the most profound philosophers of our time, ask questions and answer them together. This will be a day to engage by writing your thoughts if you feel compelled to in the comments. The key is to give you something to consider and think about that will help to lend to your awareness, knowledge, and growth.

Freewheeling Fridays

As the name suggests it will be a carefree day. We will explore random ideas on life, love, relationships, sexuality, self, and existence. I may drop a personal essay or share something personal with you that may or may not be relatable. Anything is possible.

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