10 Quotes from Buddhism to Evoke the Divine Feminine

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10 Ways to Evoke the Divine Feminine

In 2017 Astrologers dubbed the year as the rise of the Divine Feminine. It was a year of the goddess awakening. The divine feminine is a spiritual concept therefore various sources have different meanings.

When it comes to energy, we honor the principle of duality, as such, the divine feminine represents the part of our consciousness responsible for nurture, intuition, healing, emotions, and empathy. Whereas, the divine masculine represents logic, reason, action, rational, and strength.

When we discuss masculine and feminine energies in spiritual circles we are not talking about gender. In respect to gender, each creature in nature has both masculine and feminine energies which should be balanced.

The divine feminine is the aspect of consciousness that helps us with creativity, intuition, community, sensuality, connects us to our feelings, and aids collaborative efforts in the community.

A person who embraces and balances both aspects, divine feminine, and masculine, can be seen to be logical yet intuitive, firm and yet gentle, rational but also emotive, etc.

Evoking the divine feminine into your life is beneficial for all genders. Having too much of one energy is an imbalance. The divine feminine helps us to open our minds to the creative life force, enables us to have strong discernment, allows us to be nurturing, fosters loving relationships, expresses empathy to others and raises our emotional intelligence quota.

Buddhism is a spiritual philosophy that can help you evoke and awaken your divine feminine.

The quotes are inspired by the sacred texts of the ‘Pranjnaparamita Sutras’ known as the Perfection of Wisdom. These sacred texts represent the divine feminine consciousness in Buddhism and are used to transcend mental obstacles by opening up your heart deeply so that divine guidance is possible. Invite Wisdom from the powerful heart of Kwan Yin to guide you on the path of the Perfection of Wisdom. — Buddha Wisdom Cards: Divine Feminine: The Heart of Kwan Yin (Inspiration Cards) by Sofan Chan

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New with me!

This week has been a good one writing on Medium. I’ve missed deadlines for my freelance clients but I’ve reconciled that inefficiency with me trying to get my mental health under control.

Yesterday I had my first session with the psychologist and I feel hopeful about the healing journey I’m on. My therapist confirmed my suspicion that writing about past trauma took a toll on me and was the partial cause of me falling into a crippling depression by December 2019.

She told me to write more about feelings, emotions as opposed to reliving the events. Her advice was for me to keep an emotional journal and chronicle my daily feelings so we can go over them in our sessions together.

Dealing with a mental health care professional is cluing me into how we should deal with trauma and the avenues we should take when trying to heal from them and I am grateful to have the opportunity to seek affordable help.

She told me my mindfulness practice is a great way to mitigate panic disorder, which is a type of debilitating anxiety I have. It was a good first session and I’m looking forward to next week when I sit with my psychiatrist and go over my test results. They may be keen to change my meds as well.

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So far I’ve been keeping my goal of writing and posting on Medium every day. So far it’s paying off in the money department, however, my last two stories weren’t curated. So, I need to watch out for the quality of my stories, the headlines and subheads I use.

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10 Quotes from Buddhist Wisdom to Evoke the Divine Feminine

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