Are You More Reactive or Responsive to Negativity?

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Engaging in a conversation where there is a dissent can be a lot like playing a tense game of Jenga. As you build on your argument, one wrong response can lead to an explosion of negativity from the other person, shaking the tower, and your reaction versus your response decides whether or not the tower remains standing or if it topples into a mess.

Recently, I found myself in a conversation over the belief, or lack thereof, in a supreme being. I was talking with a guy my friend is currently interested in. He asked me why I identified as an atheist. Part of me knew, from experience, the conversation had a high propensity to go left real quick but I soldiered on since he claimed to not be religious himself.

As succinctly as I could, I explained how I arrived at an atheistic viewpoint, where a supreme being or primordial energy is concerned. He toppled the Jenga tower straight away and began attacking my lack of belief.

I calmly answered his repeated questions but the moment the argument became circular and he began launching ad hominem attacks at me, I cut the conversation short.

He was being combative and reacting negatively to everything I said, however, I did no rise to the occasion and remained responsive instead, which fueled his negative reactions. I’ve grown.

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