I Miss Our Old World

Freewheeling Friday is here!

This is not how I expected the apocalypse to unfold. At the end of 2019 if you told me a virus emanating from China would have brought the entire world, as we know it, to its knees, in a few short weeks, I would have called you dramatic, and yet, here we are, all of us, confined to our homes, waiting for the world to start anew.

I had a very stringent religious upbringing and so, the apocryphal book of Revelation was recommended reading once my mother deemed me old enough. The last book of the Bible tooted a very different kind of apocalypse, one that would cause the world to descend into chaos and would end in fire and brimstone. Instead, we’ve all been humbled by a virus, something that doesn’t even carry out the seven characteristics of living things. I’m humbled and, like you, suffering from cabin fever. I’ve gone into full sloth mode.

Seconds, minutes and hours account for nothing now as the days blur together. I’m binge-watching old shows I loved on Netflix, eating my weight in snacks and reading on and off. I’ve lost my will to be productive, even though my job is entirely remote, and I haven’t written anything on Medium in 17 days. I miss our old world. The one we’ll never get back, in all its perfect imperfection, I’m deeply nostalgic for it. I don’t have much more to say on the subject—we’re all in this together.

I keep telling myself I should use this time more wisely. Practice French, read more, work on my book I hope to publish this year, catch up with old friends, maybe finish an online course, like my certification in Life Coaching and write—instead I just work to keep myself from the slow descent into despair and unending boredom.

I’ve decided to put together a list of old stories on Medium that you may find interesting, glean some message from and enjoy.


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